Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Obsessed about reading

I have a tendency in life to overcommit to things and to underestimate how long something is actually going to take :)  {My husband would be happy to give about 2,000 examples of this I'm sure.}  And even though I'm maybe the world's slowest reader (and am fully aware of this fact), I still try to read several books at once, while still adding more and more books on my "Hope to Read Soon" list.  Sometimes I just wish I could call off of work (and all other activities for that matter) and just stay home and read all day!  At the moment the list of books I'm reading includes:

{This one is quite an undertaking in itself with
970 pages. Oh, and it has a sequel too.}

{I understand if you want to make fun of this last one. 
 I, too, was skeptical, but then had a friend, Marla, from
church (who I totally respect/am in awe of her love for
reading and ability to analyze books) who convinced me
 J.K. Rowlins' writing is worth reading.  Marla is so cute-
she reads all 7 books each year, starting on Halloween :) 
I'm only on book 3, but I'm loving them!!!}

Now for my "Future Readings" list (mostly so I don't forget these, and because I love making lists on post-it notes, but then I lose them):

{I've heard super cool things about this book and about
the preacher who wrote it.  He's the real deal.}

And I don't have an image of this last one, but there's a book called "The Branches" by an amazing first-time author, Joy W. Callaway that I CANNOT wait to read!!  I got a little sneak preview of it this weekend of the first 10-11 pages, and I can't wait until I get to read the whole thing!!  Keep your eye out for the novel, because I'm sure it's going to be on the shelf of all the book stores SOON!! :)
And I'm sure next time I walk through Border's, I'll find about 5 or 6 more to add to this list.  As you can see, I'm always open for new suggestions if anyone has any "must read" books!!


  1. Joy! I love it! I need to check these books out! Esp, the Pillars of the Earth! I think I'd love that one! Maybe I'll go to Barnes & Noble later... <3 ya!

  2. Yes! And thank you for letting me borrow Redeeming Love!!! I'll bring it back ASAP once I finish. I can't wait to read The Branches too :)

  3. I've read two of the books and I'm sad to say neither of them are the Christian books on your list. Sarah's List and Little Bee were both great! Actually, come to think of it..both were super depressing but I still enjoyed them. I'll have to read Radical - it sounds good.

  4. Mags!! I can't wait for The Branches either!! I'm gonna have to add that onto this blog list :) Originally, I planned on having that one on here too- but then when I started putting the images of the books on here and didn't have one for The Branches, I accidentally left it off!! I'm editing this post immediately :)