Thursday, March 11, 2010

Why I'll be a horrible mom

So, the other night Nick and I came home to find that Copper had pushed open the lazy susan and had eaten 7 FIBER ONE BARS!!!!!  His little belly was so tight- like a balloon about to burst.  He was really happy to see us and still feeling on a high from all the deliciousness when we first got home... and then about 30 minutes later his tummy ache must have hit him, and he was completely miserable.  So I called the emergency vet, did what they said, and then Nick and I kept taking turns walking him outside in the freezing weather so that we could be ready when the explosion happened.  At about midnight we gave up, and I decided to sleep downstairs with him so I could run him outside whenever the time came.  All night we kept going out, and all night long nothing happened except that he kept getting up to drink water.  I let him out one last time in the morning with still no results, and then I had to go in to work.  I didn't give him any food because I figured that was the last thing he needed, but I filled his water bowl up and thought it was a little strange how thirsty he was.
When I got to Woodlands, I was talking to one of the nurses about the situation and saying how I didn't understand how all that fiber was staying in his system.  And then she explained that fiber will do the opposite and would clog him up unless he had enough water.  UH.OH.  I suddenly panicked and imagined what I was going to find when I got home.  So several hours later when I got back to the townhouse, all I can say is that it was worse than I had imagined.  I'm going to spare any details, but  Disgusting. 
So I spent the afternoon alternating between cleaning up the dog's mess, and cleaning up my own vomit.  No kidding- the whole thing made me so sick that I couldn't keep from throwing up on the floor.  So then next time I felt the urge coming, I just did it in the plastic bag- but the smell from all the nasty paper towels that I'd used to clean Copper's mess made me even sicker.  How am I ever going to be a good mom if I vomit everytime I have to change a diaper or clean up spit up?!?!?!?  *Sigh*  At least I still have plenty of time before this is a real concern.  Let's just hope I'm not such a wuss when that time does come!!