Thursday, October 28, 2010

Little Miss Momma

No, this is not my way of announcing that we have a wee one on the way :)  This is the title of the new blog crush that I found today, thanks to stalking Tatertots and Jello- one of my faves :)  Her name is Ashley and her blog is Little Miss Momma.  Here's the new project I'm now obsessed with:

How cool is this victorian cuff????
She gives a tutorial for how to make it, so I may have to give it a go :) If it doesn't work out though, she has them for sale in her etsy store- so at least I have that to fall back on!  Maybe Christmas gifts?  She has some other SUPER cute things in here store:

These pillows are some of my other favorites! They'd go with so many different colors and fabrics.

She has a ton of cute rings too- but this one is my favorite, and is sadly sold out.  Hopefully she'll have some more like this one! I love all her stuff!!


  1. yep, mmhmm, i KNEW you would like that! looks just like something you would wear/have in your house!

  2. Hi Joy, it's Jen from The Finer Things. This is my personal blog :)

    I LOVE this cuff - so fun. And those pillows... wow, the ruffles are lovely. Glad I found your blog through Black and White {Side by Side}!

  3. You are the BEST! You made my day with this awesome post! thank you thank you thank you!