Friday, May 27, 2011

Bethany's 25th bday party

So basically the main things you need to know about my sister to understand this party are:

1. She loves horses.
2. She (and the rest of my family and basically all of her fun, goofy friends) love to do weird dancing.
3. The age range for my sister's close friends goes from like 9 to 59.
4. She loves horses.
5. She's one of the most fun people EVER.
6. She really loves horses.

I decided to have a surprise party for her and to invite all of her random friends to celebrate with us in the awesome loft above the barn where she keeps her horses. (This made it a little tricky to get in and decorate and make sure everything was ready without her knowing- but we pulled it off!) The Manns family were so gracious to let us celebrate on their property- and I couldn't have found a more perfect place since 90% of the guests were "horse people" anyway :)  And she definitely was surprised- she cried twice on the way over to the party because she couldn't understand what her husband, Craig, was doing and why he wouldn't take her to eat where he said he was going to haha :) But the tears were worth it once they got there!!

Pinterest was an almost overwhelming resource for some super cute party ideas. Here's a few pictures of my inspiration:

Fun stuff, right??? {To find the links for each of these party ideas, look here and you can see the website for each idea. I know- lazy.} My details definitely didn't all turn out exactly like these, but I'm still happy with how they came out.

So here was our party!!
Before the big party. Horse pinata and horse centerpieces in place- check!! 

Sprinkles make everything better.

With her two bffs from childhood :)

Birthday cake batter bark- you actually put a few tsps of yellow cake mix into the chocolate- so good!

Cupcake flags, and behind all the food was the fabric garland and the banner I made out of poster board saying "happy birthday"- but didn't get a good picture of. (But it was similar to the image above from pinterest that says "Kelly and Chris"- just a giant version.)

The one thing I didn't completely finish- her blue ribbon birthday girl pin :( I ran out of time and forgot to glue the pin on the back!! Wish it had been the one made out of silky ribbon from pinterest, but this worked :)

This picture cracks me up!! Bethany had SOOO many Breyer horses that she collected growing up- so I asked mom to bring some of them for centerpieces on the tables.

Made the #25 out of pictures and tried to make sure to have at least 1 picture of everyone coming to the party.

Soulja Boy "Superman" :)

I did not get a full group picture, but here's a lot of the girls at least

How cute are they?? :)

Dad had a dance-off with Jazzy :)

A close-up of the garland- maybe my favorite detail :)

Someone found naked Barbie in the loft... and she was a hit!

Love this one of them all wearing some of the props :)

And, of course, we had to get one with our momma :)

Happy birthday, B!!!! I couldn't ask for a better sister. So thankful for the awesome family God chose to put me in.