Friday, September 17, 2010

Finished Anthropologie-inspired mirror!

Well, mine's still not as impressive as these little beauties by Anthropologie...

But the $498 price tag on the Anthro mirror (now on sale for $299) made that one a little unrealistic for me personally :)  So here's my version thanks to this tutorial!!

{Btw, it's seriously difficult to take a good picture of a mirror. So these are the best I could do!}

Nick's a crafter too!  Actually, he just had to help me get all the nails off my antique mirror.

Maggie showing off her mirror before we started! Sadly, this mirror was cracked a little while later :( We've since replaced the mirror part, but it still didn't respond quite right to the oven cleaner. But her frame looks fab, whether she ends up putting a mirror in the middle or not!!

Things got messy!

*If anyone tries this, be sure and cover all surface areas!!  It just happens that I'm going to paint our table and chairs anyway, so it didn't matter too much if a little nastiness got on our table.

Here's Maggie ModPodging away! Loved her fabric!!

TA DA!!! :)

It really was not as challenging as I thought it would be!  I picked up an older mirror at an antique store for $20, and it had a lot of age spots already that really added to what I was going for.  Then I got my fabric for about $8, and a little bottle of ModPodge for $4 and, voila!!  Here's my $32 mirror!  This is my favorite project so far!!! 

I also finished my yarn wreath to put on our front door and show some team spirit!  War Eagle!!!  I know I didn't go to Auburn, but Nick's love for the Tigers has majorly rubbed off on me, and I get so pumped every football season now.  I still love my Herd, but the Tigers have grown on me too :) 
Here's my finished wreath:

Now I have some new projects I'm obsessed with finishing :)  Here's a few of them:

L.O.V.E. this fall wreath!!! {the whole mantel really}

These Valentino-inspired heels from are gorgeous!

Could these be any cuter???  And they're not even on the adorable baby's feet yet!!

AND... of course, you can never have enough wreaths!!! :)

Friday, September 3, 2010

Things I (selfishly) want right now...

(For watermelon to be around all year long)
(These stinkin' adorable boots!!  AND- they're under $22!)
(For our cute new home to unpack itself)
(I've been going CRAZY since the finale of GG when Serena wore this necklace... and I finally found out where it's from, and it's a one-of-a-kind, unimaginably-out-of-my-price-range necklace. So sad)
(I also would love this dress {which is over $900}... oh, and I wouldn't mind looking like this in the dress either.)
(Since I was googling "Gossip Girl Serena's necklace", I figured I may as well go ahead and include other pieces of her jewelry that I'd be willing to shove her down and punch her for. Seriously!! I love all the stuff she wears on this dumb show!)

(For a new, really nice camera... to use for future important moments)

(For a solution to the problem with moths and sweaters- and one that doesn't involve the smell of moth balls)

(This shirt that Kristen Bell wears in "When in Rome")

(For Michael Scott not to leave "the Office")

(For something meatless to taste as good as a Chick-fil-A sandwich)

(So I know I'm incredibly behind on this trend, but I didn't like it until now.  As of last week, I love the thick belts around the waist)

(For Marshall to beat the crap out of WVU next week)

Now onto some crafts I want to make in the near future for our home...

(And I saved the best for last...)

(LOVE THIS!!!  This girl at fell in love with a mirror from Anthropologie that cost an outrageous $498!!!!  So she decided to make one herself, and it looks as good as the Anthropologie one!! This girl has a lot of great tutorials {and anthro-inspired crafts}- so check it out!  I've become a semi-stalker for the last few weeks.)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Movin' On Up!

Nick and I are finally moving into a house!!!  We're so excited- the house has amazing porch space for grilling out and entertaining and a great side yard that Copper couldn't be happier about.  The owners, Mandy and Stephen Balevic, lived in it while Stephen was doing his first 4 years of med school at MU.  Now they're in Charleston, SC (I know- poor things, huh? haha) and it worked out perfect for us to start renting from them!!  I can't wait to get in and make it our own place, which I didn't feel like we could do in the townhouse. {Mandy, if you read this, don't worry- I'm not going to do anything too crazy and decrease the value of your wonderful house! :) } I can't wait to just be able to pick out our own paint and plant some flowers and veggies!! 

We're also in desperate need of some bedroom furniture.  Notice I did not say "new" bedroom furniture- just bedroom furniture *period*!!  We somehow have made it through 3 years of marriage WITHOUT buying any chests or actual bed frames for the master or guest bedroom!!!  How, you may ask???  I'm not totally sure.  We did have a huge closet at the townhouse...
{Exhibit A}

But I still couldn't figure out why our clothes were overflowing, and I even had most of Nick's clothing folded and put in our bathroom closet!! (I know- it sounds a little cruel- but he'd honestly prefer them just all over the floor anyway.)  And then one day, I suddenly had a genius moment when I realized, "Wait a minute... all growing up I had drawers that I kept my clothes in, in addition to my closet!!"  (Not my proudest moment.)  So we've been looking around to find some bedroom furniture that we liked, and we just figured we'd wait til we moved so we didn't have to move it to the townhouse, and THEN to the house.  We also need some actual bed frames and headboards... since I'm ashamed to say our guest bed actually sits on the floor. (I know, it's a shame- Nick and I are still working into the whole "adult" thing.)  I'm sure we'll just get something normal and typical, but there are some headboards I've seen on  and flickr that I think are amazing!!! :)  Here are several of my faves:

(This one's a bit much for me, but super fun and creative!)

My favorites are the first 3, but all of these are incredible!!  The last one may not be very exciting, but the whole room looks so beautiful and just goes together so perfectly!  I could never imagine the Hasers having a house like this, but it's fun to pretend!! :)