Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Why does my body hate me?

Nothing too exciting- just wanted to keep updating my progress on my "list" to keep myself focused and accountable. Here's how it's going:
#4: marathon- This is the biggie that I've really been focused on. And right now I've had quite a set back on the marathon training :/ I've had to majorly back off the last 4 weeks from running because of an old injury flaring up- my stupid hip flexor. I started noticing it about 6-7 weeks ago, but I've struggled with it before and so I was really good about icing, stretching, using my strengthening band, and downing TONS of Ibuprofen- thinking I could make it go away. Sadly though, it kept getting worse and more irritated. So I went to my physical therapist on Friday and have been doing what he told me, and I'm hoping that I can at least start aqua running in the next day or 2. I'm trying not to get discouraged, but I only have 95 days left and if it takes much longer, I won't have enough time to train properly and be ready by Nov. 1. Good news is that Nick said since I won my number in the lottery, I can call and tell them to save me a spot for next year instead- just in case I end up not getting to do it this year. He already had to call and put his number on hold until next year b/c of a knee injury :( This aren't going exactly as planned, but we'll see!!
#7: skydiving- We're on a bit of a temporary "budget lockdown" right now, so it probably won't be anytime too soon. But we were talking about going skydiving for our anniversary present and just doing it late :) I'm so worried I'm not actually going to jump out of the plane!! I seriously try to envision it all the time so I can prepare myself for when it actually comes :) When we were flying the other day, I looked out the window and thought, "Okay, just pretend someone could open the emergency door and let me jump out right now- could I do it?" I'm such a wuss. And a nerd.
#10: read the whole Bible- I'm on my way, but it's sure not at an impressive speed. And I started at a really random book in the New Testament- 2nd Timothy. So I read from 2nd Timothy on to the end (except Revelation- I'm saving that one) and now I'm in the middle of Genesis. I know that makes no sense, but I thought if I started in the NT it might jump start me to be more motivated than just starting in the OT. I will say that I LOVE the book of James, which I hadn't really read much before.
#11: 10 new cities- 2 more to add to this one: Blue Bell, Pennsylvania and Long Beach, California. We went to PA for Matt Scherrer's wedding, which was an awesome time. We hardly much of a chance to explore the area though, b/c our flight was delayed and we didn't get in until 2am on Friday night (and then we stayed up until after 5am talking with his high school friends- meaning we slept til noon on Saturday), and then we had to leave at 6am for the airport on Sunday morning. But it was still fun :) Then we went to visit Billy out in Cali. Los Angeles was just plain stressful and too busy to even enjoy, but we loved Long Beach and Huntington Beach. Billy lived 2 blocks from the beach, and 2 blocks down on the other side was this great street full of shops and restaurants that stretched for about a mile. And best of all, we finally got to meet Val, his girlfriend!!! She is super fun :) Billy had to work a lot which sucked, but we still got a good amount of time with him. I love seeing Nick with him- it's like Billy brings out this totally different side of Nick that only exists with Bill :) Billy's apartment is a suite, so it's just 1 main room and then a bathroom, closet, and kitchen. The only furniture Billy owns is 1 bed (with black silk sheets) and a giant plasma TV and TV stand. That's it. So it was really fun at night b/c Nick and I slept in the bed and Bill slept on an air mattress and it was like a slumber party :) The weather in CA was, of course, perfect and we're ready to move there whenever the opportunity presents itself :)
#40: improve my crappy swimming form- LOL This just makes me laugh thinking about it :) When my leg first started hurting, I met Nick at the Y and he was going to swim while I did my aqua running. After I finished, I asked him to "coach" me on my freestyle swimming form. Nick swam competitively in high school and is still a great swimmer- which then just frustrates me that I'm not good. So he attempted to help me, and gave great advice. But my stubborn-ness got in the way, and I was ready to quit after about 10 minutes :) I'm really not too horrible- I just need a little work so I'll enjoy swimming.
#48: volunteer with LV each month- I've been bad these past few months. But now that Bethany and Craig are back, I know Bethany will go out there with me and that'll make it easier to be motivated :) We went on Saturday out to the land and transported a sweet dog to the Hot Dog Festival where the LV tent was set up and trying to find homes for several dogs and cats. Then we finished our shift just in time to watch the weinie dog races- my favorite Huntington event :) I seriously realized halfway through the doggie costume parade that the amount of happiness I feel about dogs is bizarre and possibly unhealthy. My sister and I are basically opposite in every other way, but we both are ridiculous when it comes to animals in general, especially dogs.
#64: friend night every 2 months- Had another craft night a few weeks ago. However, I think only 3 of us actually brought something to work on, and the rest came just to hang out. So, needless to say, no one ended up crafting- just drinking wine and eating dessert :) Still a great night!
#67: 10 new crafts- Have begun my Christmas crafting!!! I know it's a bit early, but I figure since I usually procrastinate, I better get a jump on something for the Christmas season. I'm making some ornaments I saw in a Martha magazine last year.
#70: 20 movies that have won an Oscar- This is proving a bit tougher than I originally thought, since I'm only counting movies I haven't already watched. I didn't realize that I'd seen so many of the recent Oscar winners. So I may open this up and also watch some movies from the "Top 100 movies of all time" list. Nick and I watched "All Quiet on the Western Front" because I remembered really enjoying the book in high school. Other than that, I haven't made any progress on this task.
That's it for now!