Tuesday, February 1, 2011

These need to be shared...

craftgawker.com is my new obsession.  Maybe because it's the perfect description of me. I'm not so much the best at coming up with a new craft idea, or even at always finishing crafts that I get super excited to start- but I definitely gawk and love to admire other amazing crafters.  One of my sweet youth girls, Joanna, sent me a link the other day and said it reminded her of me. It was from stumbleupon.com (which I also didn't know about until she introduced me to it and it's amazing!), and this is where it led me. (The exact link she sent me is here, and it has the all-time most favorited projects.) And now, my productivity in life is down 37% more than before, thanks to my gawking. I was gonna try to include a few of my favorite images, but I can't even decide... that's how awesome everything is (or how indecisive I am.)

Go here and vote for some really fun projects!! I almost am embarassed to even write this, but it's a contest called "Crafting with the Stars". I know- I'm dorking out.  They seriously have super cute ideas though, and every week there's a new theme. Hurry and vote because the voting ends tomorrow I think.

I'm also a huge fan of Jones Design Company, and here's one of my favorite creations of hers:
I so need a print of this.

Nick may kill me for sharing this (but most of you already know), but he's working on writing a book. It's definitely far from finished, but I'm still excited about it :) He is seriously an incredible writer, and when I read or hear what he has to say, it makes me fall even more in love with my Savior.  I'm tempted to keep going on and on about it, but I'll stop for now :) One of the quotes I just read in his writing the other day is by G.K. Chesterton, and I love it so much:

"If I found a key on the road, and discovered it fit and opened a particular lock at my house, I would assume most likely that the key was made by the lock maker. And if I find set of teachings set out in pre-modern oriental society that has proven itself of such universal validity that it has fascinated and satisfied millions of people in every century, including the best minds in history and the simplest hearts, that it has made itself at home in virtually every culture, inspired masterpieces of beauty in every field of art, continues to grow rapidly and spread and assert itself in lands where a century ago the name of Jesus Christ was not even heard; if such teaching so obviously fits the locks of so many human souls, in so many times and so many places, are they likely to be the work of a deceiver or a fool? In fact it is more likely that they were designed by the Heart Maker…"

Well said, G.K.


  1. I LOVE that print! And I can't wait to read Nick's book either! Ahhhh even the first couple paragraphs were amazing!