Monday, January 31, 2011

Wait... Christmas isn't in January?

{First off, I have to brag on my friend Maggie, who is basically a celebrity now!!!! Mags is precious, hilarious, super smart and super creative, and she did a guest post for Tatertots and Jello!!!!! Only like THE coolest crafting blog!!! We've known for quite some time how crazy talented she is, but now the whole world knows!! :) So excited for her!! Now onto my lame post...}

I guess you could say I have trouble being "prompt" with my gift-giving. This year was especially bad because I not only decided to make our Christmas cards, but I also made several gifts (not my best decision). Next year we may just go the route of buying cards from Hallmark again- much simpler :) But the gifts have mostly been finished and given out now, so I'm happy about that!  I just had my Christmas celebration with some fun girlfriends this past Thursday, and I loved that it sort of extended the holiday season :) Ashley even still had their Christmas tree up and there was snow outside, so it felt Christmas-y! Here are some of the projects (nothing impressive, mind you) I had fun creating this year:

-My friend, Kitty, made a bunch of these adorable headbands and gave them to us at a Christmas lunch. I loved the idea and since I already knew how to make the rosettes, I told her I was gonna steal the idea and I made a bunch for friends, cousins, and for the girls that Nick and I do Bible studies with at Barboursville school. {One of the younger boys even was insistent on getting a headband too, which cracked me up :) I'm not sure what he plans to do with it, but he said he wanted to send it to his sister, so whatever!}

Here's the one Kitty gave me. LOVE it!!!

And here are some of the ones I made. Awkard pose, I know.

-The memo board I made for my sister. When Mags and I were making our anthro-inspired mirrors, she had trouble with her mirror and so she turned it into a memo board. I think hers turned out even cuter than my mirror! Anyway, so I made one of these for Bethany for a Christmas gift.

-I made these letters for Cat and Steph, who are some of my ex-youth group girls who have become some of my best friends :) They're both still in college, and I thought they might like these.

*Jerica, I think I copied off of you for these! I loved the letters you made for Jaycie, and so I think when I saw these letters at HL, I decided to make some too! So thanks for the idea!

I also made some necklaces that Little Miss Momma (she's so cute) showed on her blog that were anthro-inspired. I didn't take pictures of mine (she's a way more adorable model anyway), but here's a picture of the first one:

And the second one (which I decided I like much better):

This next one is the color I made mine this color:

I'm still working on these though- I have 2 more to make- maybe in February :)

And last- here are a couple of yarn wreaths. For the record, I think I've had my fill of yarn wreaths for a while (except that I promised 2 to some friends, so I'll finish those.) It's a long story, but Maggie, Courtney and I decided to make several wreaths each for something, but then we didn't end up doing it haha :)  I ended up giving a poinsettia wreath to one of Nick's sisters, Raegan. His parents were here over Thanksgiving, and so when we sent the Christmas gifts home with them, I sent Raegan the wreath so she could have it before Christmas.

Then I had this other random one that's on my door now, since we're in between holidays :) 

I made a few other brooches and hair clips that I've shown on here before, and I'm still working on something for Maggie and Joy haha :) But I am getting started on a fun Valentine's day project that I'll hopefully have finished before Valentine's Day to give to some of my sweet friends (so I can't share it on here until it's finished since some of you might read this! Or maybe not- because it's dumb and boring.)


  1. You go girl! I love it all and who doesn't love a Christmas gift in January?

  2. You are so talented! Those headbands are too cute -- as is that anthro-inspired necklace. I can't even imagine how long all of those took you to make, though! You should get started right now on Christmas 2012!

  3. Yay for another post!!!!!!!
    I am cracking up that one of the little boys at Bville school wanted a headband too :) I can't believe how many you made!?
    I feel like Beth Moore said something along the lines of since we dont know Jesus' actual birthday, Christmas is any day set aside to remember the birth of Jesus & to give gifts... some people choose Dec 25, but I dont see why Jan or Feb wouldn't work either!!!

  4. Goodness, you were busy! I LOVE the headbands you made -- seriously, so cute!