Friday, February 25, 2011

Sooo I'm a little slow on trends...

I've been debating FOREVER about getting a kindle... and yesterday, I finally took the plunge and ordered one!! :) I cannot wait to get it next week!!! I realize I'm way behind on this "Kindles are cool!" trend, but I'm always that way with electronics. {I'm still trying to decide if I want to switch over from Sprint to AT&T so I can finally have an iphone hahaha}
Here are a few main reasons I'm pumped for my kindle:
1. Nick and I are going to California next weekend and then Spain in a few weeks, and I would much rather pack the tiny kindle than my big, bulky books I'm trying to finish right now.
2. I like to have about 3 books going at once, and I love that it'll be so easy to switch back and forth between books, all in the same little gadget! :)
3. Although I hate paying for books and prefer the library, at least there are a lot of books for free on kindle (most of the classics!), and books are usually cheaper if I buy the kindle version.
4. When I first got Copper, I had these wonderful visions of us going on brisk evening walks and enjoying nature together. But then I learned what it's like to have a beagle for a dog, and our walks consist more of walking 3 steps and stopping to sniff for 45 seconds, then walking 3 more steps and stopping to sniff, etc... So I've found that the perfect way for us to both enjoy our walks (and for me not to feel like yanking him down the street) is for me to read while we walk :) HOWEVER, I have had one too many embarrassing moments when I passed my neighbors and they saw this almost-30-year-old reading Harry Potter books. So I love that no one will know what I'm reading on the kindle :) And it'll be much easier to carry on my walks than big, awkward novels.
My other exciting purchase is the Ab Wheel hahaha :) I'm such a dork. One of my roommates had this back in college, and I loved it. Well, the other weekend, when we were visiting Steph at Elon, I noticed that she had one and so I thought I'd give it a try since I hadn't seen one in forever. Let's just say it was a great wake-up call to how little I've been doing for my abs lately!! I'm not expecting to get the perfect abs that I see on the front of Runner's World magazine. {Not that it would be a bad thing! It's just not very realistic :)} I just think I need to work more on strengthening my core, and I'd like to make my "softness" a little firmer. I usually try to do it when Nick's not around, because I'm still really awkward on it... but that probably won't change anyway.

Last, my bff Alli asked me to make a birthday hat for her baby boy Owen's 1st birthday party (Happy birthday, O!!!) This doesn't really have much to do with the rest of this post- except maybe that Nick and I are also really behind on the trend of having kids??? Whatev- we'll get there eventually :) Anyway, I had bought her little girl, Eliza, a fun birthday hat for her 1st birthday and Alli saw the boy version, but wanted to see if I could make it (which made me sooo excited!!!) So here's what the girl hat looked like:
Seriously, how cute is she??????

{There's a puff ball on top that matches the fluff around the rim}

And here's what I came up with for O (not-so-girly):

I would say that I hope he likes it- but I think at 1, he's probably not gonna care about anything except the cake. And then when he's old enough to have an opinion on it, I'm positive he's not gonna be OK with all the sparkly-ness happening here haha :) But it'll make for fun embarrassing pictures for his future wife to see! (Sorry, Alli if you're reading this- I know you're not ready to think about that yet!)


  1. Joy you are so hilarious. I love that you take books on walks with you! That made me laugh. Very dedicated reader you are :) And, California & Spain all in one year?! Makin us jealous over here... Hope they're both tons of fun! Oh, and we are also always behind on electronic trends, too! Glad we're not the only ones :)

  2. Joy, I love my Kindle for all the reasons you mentioned (Well, except for reading Harry Potter in secret, haha). I hope you love it and have fun on your travels!

  3. You always seem to AMAZE me...Do you realize I haven't talked to you since before adisyn was born and she just turned 7 months... I really miss talking to you. Please call me when you get back from your trips...Have fun:) Love YA!

  4. I'm calling you TODAY Mrs. Mulhall!!!! I can't believe how many times we have missed each other's calls- for 7 months?? This is ridiculous!! I don't feel like it's been that long thanks to stalking your facebook and blog :) Plus, I need to figure out the for sure date that I'm coming to see you guys in June!!!

  5. Haha I can relate to the whole "walking a beagle" problem. Riley is the same way... Basset hounds aren't any better either. I also like reading harry potter, but not in public. Enjoy Spain! Sooo exciting!

  6. Oh my goodness, Joy! I bought an ab wheel back in 8th grade. I'm not convinced it helped my abs at all, but I am pretty positive that it gave me some back pain. Here's to hoping that your experience will be a little more pleasant!

    And tell me how you like your Kindle. I've been debating about whether or not to get one for months now (you know this, though) ...

    And your party hat is ADORABLE! I usually think boy things are never as cute as girl things, but that is so not the case with your hat!

  7. I love my kindle! You can throw it in your purse when traveling and you never lose what page you're on. So convenient b/c you dont have to go searching for books @ the store you can just download within minutes for a cheaper price :)
    I love that you're going to Spain, that is def on my bucket list. I hope we will get to see lots of pictures!!

  8. 3 great things!!! I love a infomerical workout tool! But seriously, that is a tough ab workout! The Kindle is a perfect buy for you since you always seem to be reading several books at once! And the hat... CRAFT SUCCESS!