Friday, September 3, 2010

Things I (selfishly) want right now...

(For watermelon to be around all year long)
(These stinkin' adorable boots!!  AND- they're under $22!)
(For our cute new home to unpack itself)
(I've been going CRAZY since the finale of GG when Serena wore this necklace... and I finally found out where it's from, and it's a one-of-a-kind, unimaginably-out-of-my-price-range necklace. So sad)
(I also would love this dress {which is over $900}... oh, and I wouldn't mind looking like this in the dress either.)
(Since I was googling "Gossip Girl Serena's necklace", I figured I may as well go ahead and include other pieces of her jewelry that I'd be willing to shove her down and punch her for. Seriously!! I love all the stuff she wears on this dumb show!)

(For a new, really nice camera... to use for future important moments)

(For a solution to the problem with moths and sweaters- and one that doesn't involve the smell of moth balls)

(This shirt that Kristen Bell wears in "When in Rome")

(For Michael Scott not to leave "the Office")

(For something meatless to taste as good as a Chick-fil-A sandwich)

(So I know I'm incredibly behind on this trend, but I didn't like it until now.  As of last week, I love the thick belts around the waist)

(For Marshall to beat the crap out of WVU next week)

Now onto some crafts I want to make in the near future for our home...

(And I saved the best for last...)

(LOVE THIS!!!  This girl at fell in love with a mirror from Anthropologie that cost an outrageous $498!!!!  So she decided to make one herself, and it looks as good as the Anthropologie one!! This girl has a lot of great tutorials {and anthro-inspired crafts}- so check it out!  I've become a semi-stalker for the last few weeks.)


  1. 1. where are those boots (actually i think those are booties...) for $22???
    2. gossip girl is not a dumb show! :)
    3. we must make this mirror asap!!!!!!!!1

  2. Since Maggie is numbering her comments, I will too!
    1. Any show that makes me think less is an instant classic - i.e. GG and anything on Bravo
    2. I love Family Tree craft project. Make that for me! :)
    3. Can we pick another weekend for you to visit me? I'm bored.....

  3. I love numbering!! :)
    1. I can't remember where they're from- but I knew that would happen so I emailed the link to myself, and I'll forward it to you.
    2. Just so you know, I DVR every episode of GG and I've probably only missed 2 or 3 episodes... so clearly I'm a fan. I just feel like they're a bit out of reality and feel a little ridiculous at some points when I'm watching it. However, the clothing is incredible!!!
    3. Today's the day.

    1. Very true- it's nice to just blank out and be entertained on that show :)
    2. I love it too!!! And I will TOTALLY make you guys one!! Yay for excuses to craft!! Just give me a little time so I can practice and not make it crappy.
    3. YES!!!! We need to talk about weekends. Nick's parents ended up deciding to come here for Thanksgiving, so that's 1 less big trip we have for this fall, AND that I'll be here when you come in for Thanksgiving!!! {Btw, his mom asked about you guys and said hi. She loves you!! :) And she's seriously the most amazing MIL ever- I cried after we left yesterday haha}