Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Movin' On Up!

Nick and I are finally moving into a house!!!  We're so excited- the house has amazing porch space for grilling out and entertaining and a great side yard that Copper couldn't be happier about.  The owners, Mandy and Stephen Balevic, lived in it while Stephen was doing his first 4 years of med school at MU.  Now they're in Charleston, SC (I know- poor things, huh? haha) and it worked out perfect for us to start renting from them!!  I can't wait to get in and make it our own place, which I didn't feel like we could do in the townhouse. {Mandy, if you read this, don't worry- I'm not going to do anything too crazy and decrease the value of your wonderful house! :) } I can't wait to just be able to pick out our own paint and plant some flowers and veggies!! 

We're also in desperate need of some bedroom furniture.  Notice I did not say "new" bedroom furniture- just bedroom furniture *period*!!  We somehow have made it through 3 years of marriage WITHOUT buying any chests or actual bed frames for the master or guest bedroom!!!  How, you may ask???  I'm not totally sure.  We did have a huge closet at the townhouse...
{Exhibit A}

But I still couldn't figure out why our clothes were overflowing, and I even had most of Nick's clothing folded and put in our bathroom closet!! (I know- it sounds a little cruel- but he'd honestly prefer them just all over the floor anyway.)  And then one day, I suddenly had a genius moment when I realized, "Wait a minute... all growing up I had drawers that I kept my clothes in, in addition to my closet!!"  (Not my proudest moment.)  So we've been looking around to find some bedroom furniture that we liked, and we just figured we'd wait til we moved so we didn't have to move it to the townhouse, and THEN to the house.  We also need some actual bed frames and headboards... since I'm ashamed to say our guest bed actually sits on the floor. (I know, it's a shame- Nick and I are still working into the whole "adult" thing.)  I'm sure we'll just get something normal and typical, but there are some headboards I've seen on  and flickr that I think are amazing!!! :)  Here are several of my faves:

(This one's a bit much for me, but super fun and creative!)

My favorites are the first 3, but all of these are incredible!!  The last one may not be very exciting, but the whole room looks so beautiful and just goes together so perfectly!  I could never imagine the Hasers having a house like this, but it's fun to pretend!! :)


  1. Love all the examples you showed! Very cute! I have one at my parents house in my old room that was just a big rod iron piece (i'll try and take a picture for you)'ll be in ATL where there's an IKEA!!!! Cheap,great, cute, modern furniture. I seriously almost bought a dresser the other day b/c it was so cheap! haha! (i don't need one) Ok just throwing that out there!! Can't wait one more month!

  2. OH I LOVE THESE!!! i had not seen a lot of these ideas and now you've got me hooked! i really really like the doors (#1) and the mantle with the gold letters annnd all of them really! you have some great inspiration to work with! {and i have a staple gun you can use!}

  3. JOY!!! I'm so excited for you guys!! Enjoy the house as much as we did and make it your own! You are so much more creative than I will ever be, and yes I do read your blog sometimes but don't feel like you have to hide pictures or anything from me lol! So sorry you are downgrading in closet space, older homes don't tend to have big closets. we have a blog too, its mandyandstephenbalevic.blogspot

    good luck with the move!


  4. That's awesome news!! Congrats! At my first apartment, I bought a section of wooden picket fence at Home Depot, had it cut to my bed width, painted it and sanded the edges. It looked adorable behind my bed. Just another idea. :) Have a great time decorating!