Friday, September 17, 2010

Finished Anthropologie-inspired mirror!

Well, mine's still not as impressive as these little beauties by Anthropologie...

But the $498 price tag on the Anthro mirror (now on sale for $299) made that one a little unrealistic for me personally :)  So here's my version thanks to this tutorial!!

{Btw, it's seriously difficult to take a good picture of a mirror. So these are the best I could do!}

Nick's a crafter too!  Actually, he just had to help me get all the nails off my antique mirror.

Maggie showing off her mirror before we started! Sadly, this mirror was cracked a little while later :( We've since replaced the mirror part, but it still didn't respond quite right to the oven cleaner. But her frame looks fab, whether she ends up putting a mirror in the middle or not!!

Things got messy!

*If anyone tries this, be sure and cover all surface areas!!  It just happens that I'm going to paint our table and chairs anyway, so it didn't matter too much if a little nastiness got on our table.

Here's Maggie ModPodging away! Loved her fabric!!

TA DA!!! :)

It really was not as challenging as I thought it would be!  I picked up an older mirror at an antique store for $20, and it had a lot of age spots already that really added to what I was going for.  Then I got my fabric for about $8, and a little bottle of ModPodge for $4 and, voila!!  Here's my $32 mirror!  This is my favorite project so far!!! 

I also finished my yarn wreath to put on our front door and show some team spirit!  War Eagle!!!  I know I didn't go to Auburn, but Nick's love for the Tigers has majorly rubbed off on me, and I get so pumped every football season now.  I still love my Herd, but the Tigers have grown on me too :) 
Here's my finished wreath:

Now I have some new projects I'm obsessed with finishing :)  Here's a few of them:

L.O.V.E. this fall wreath!!! {the whole mantel really}

These Valentino-inspired heels from are gorgeous!

Could these be any cuter???  And they're not even on the adorable baby's feet yet!!

AND... of course, you can never have enough wreaths!!! :)


  1. LOVE love LOVE love the new blog layout!!! this is a great post filled with lovely things :) i'm feeling especially inspired by the gray yarn wreath with that little ruffle & the christmas wreath too. love it!

  2. OMG! Those Valentino inspired shoes are GORGEOUS!! I tried the link but couldn't find them. I would love to more about them! Thanks and I love your blog.

  3. Hey Sarah! Thanks so much :) Aren't those heels amazing??? Basically everything about that website is gorgeous- she is incredibly talented! Sorry about the link- here's the link to that specific page:

    It was under the button that says "Tutorials" or sometimes says "Refashions". Be sure and post if you make those shoes! :)

  4. Joy, I hope it's ok to leave a comment - I saw in my admin section that you'd linked to my blog so I came to see . . .and I fell in love with your mirror!! I am so impressed. I love the fabric you used and I think it turned out so beautiful!
    How would you feel about my linking this page up on my "you've made it" page? I'd love to show your mirror off. :)
    Let me know.

  5. Beverly!!! I'm so glad you saw this, because I meant to link it up to you anyway to show you what you inspired!! Thank you so much for the compliment :) In my post previous to this one, I had shown off the picture of your mirror as a project I wanted to copy :) Your mirror is amazing and I needed one too! haha :) You do whatever you want to with the "You've made it" page! I'm still not very experienced with all the link stuff, so let me know if there's something you'd like me to do. Thank you again for your comment! I may attempt one of your anthro-inspired necklaces also!! :) Your tutorials are wonderful!

  6. That mirror is great! SO SO GREAT!

    Also, I love all the wreaths you posted! Such gorgeous autumn decorating inspiration!

  7. Your mirror turned out gorgeous! I hope you'll enter it in the Copycat Challenge that I'm hosting. It's a knock off contest and the prizes are great! You can find all the details at :).

  8. Hi! I just found your blog after I googled
    "yarn wreath". I love the brown wreath with green orange and pink flowers, but I am wondering if you know how to make those felt flowers.... they are neat!