Friday, August 13, 2010

Some highlights from day 1096

Nick and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary on Wednesday :)  So I had to share a few of my favorite pictures from August 11, 2007.  It was the best day ever!!!
{For the record, these are good tears, not sad tears}

We had such a fun party :) Love these of all our friends celebrating!!

I know I already made a list of my favorite random things about Nick, but my very favorite thing hands down is his love and passion for his Savior. When I hear him talk about it, I'm inspired and I fall even more in love with my Lord.  Even after almost 5 years of listening him talk with the youth group and Barboursville school kids, it still almost always brings me to tears when he does a lesson and tells them about Jesus.  His understanding of the Gospel and his desire to share it with others is amazing and beautiful.  Sometimes I get overwhelmed with the blessing that God chose to let me be the one by his side, to serve with him, for the rest of our lives.

I'm so thankful I get to be his wife. I know marriage takes work, but it hardly seems like it with Nick.  He is so slow to anger, and quick to forgive.  He's always ready to make life fun and reminds me to forget worrying about the little things.  He's so gracious toward others, and is constantly filling me with encouragement and kind words and compliments.  His disposition and personality make him so fun to be married to.  I wish I was better with words- I feel like a 5-year-old wrote this :) Here's just a few of my favorite things about our anniversary:

~When I left for work in the morning (long after Nick had already gone), the inside of my car was full of red hearts he had cut out and taped all around :)  I was wondering why the red Christmas wrapping paper was sitting on our dining room table... and this was the answer to my question.
~The card he gave me had a mermaid and lots of little sea creatures on it, and was for a little girl's 6th birthday.  But he crossed out and added his own words, and (my favorite part) made conversation bubbles for all the cartoon animals :)  I love getting cards from him that are not for the appropriate occasion.
~We ate at Rocco's (which I could write an entire blog about how amazing that was, but I'll just sum it up by saying UNBELIEVABLE), and Nick was feeling pretty good by the time we left.  I'd like to point out that he only had ONE glass of wine, and I ended up having to drive home. Seriously, 1 glass of Lambrusco, and he was, what we might call, tipsy.  Here's what he started talking about on the way to the car: "Things that I love: Joy, Jesus, my nose hair trimmer.." Really? Nose hair trimmer is #3 in things you love?  :) 
~On the drive home, still feeling the wine of course, we're riding with the windows down and he decides it's a good idea to take his shirt off for the rest of the trip.  He explains by saying, "It's West Virginia.  Isn't this what they do?"  So I guess WV is known for driving around sans clothing.  So for the 20-minute car ride home, I couldn't help smiling as he kept leaning out the car, loudly singing along with Fiona Apple's "Criminal" and Akon's "I wanna make up right now na na", among a few others :)  I sure do love that man.
Even though we had some crazy storms that flooded many streets in Huntington and our power was out until the next day (don't worry- I showered and got ready at the Y), the power outage actually made it an even nicer evening- no distractions like the computer or TV and candles lit all over the house :)  It was a perfect night!!

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  1. I'm so glad you posted this! You two are the best! Sooo glad you found each other! The highlights from your anniversary are so sweet and I was laughing out loud about Nick on the ride home. Was he, by chance doing the amoeba to Akon? Haha! Love ya!