Friday, August 6, 2010

So cute!!

My friend Maggie has been super inspiring on cute crafts lately!!  Last Wednesday, we got together with another friend, Jess Poole, and made these adorable flower pins that we had seen on another blog-  (Let's just say that I ended up staying for 4 HOURS!!! With me being a super slowpoke crafter + being with really fun friends= not getting projects finished in a timely manner!!) Anyway, I'm seriously obsessed with this blogger's creations, fashion, and overall cuteness!  Here's the original flower pin:

And here's how mine turned out (sadly, I didn't get a picture of Maggie's or Jess' pins- but theirs were even cuter!):
I do love these colors for fall!

The next project we want to tackle is a yarn wreath, which I think will be PERFECT for fall!!  Maggie found some great example ones on etsy, and then a tutorial from this new blogger, who I now have a blog crush on. 
Here's her tutorial and wreath:

And here's another cute wreath Mags found:

My wedding is definitely way past (3 years next week actually!), but I'm IN LOVE with these amazing invitations that this girl designed.  Do you think maybe Nick and I should have a renewing of the vows this year- so I could use these? :)

One last future project I want to create- I think these would be such cute, personal wedding gifts :)  And since we have 10 weddings this year (10 in '10!!), I'd have plenty of opportunity to give this a try!!  If I ever get around to making one, I'll post it (sidenote: This seller is asking $60 a piece for these- crazy!!)

Happy Friday!! 

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  1. i love your flower pin!!! the first pic and yours are identical!
    mine is so dumb, for real.
    i also want to do the needlepoint craft! so many crafts so little time! i'm so glad we're friends!