Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My 28th Birthday Skating Party :)

This weekend, Nick had a surprise skating party at Skateland for me :) Which really makes me laugh to think that I had my 28th birthday party the same place I had my 8th birthday party. It was super fun, and I'm ashamed to admit that I was a little sore the next morning. There was also a delicious Dairy Queen cake involved (2 cakes actually- due to some miscommunication), which made the festivities even better. So I now can mark off my #82 "Host a roller skating party" from my list. Other updates for my list:

-#32 "Confront people who need to be confronted." I'm getting better at this one, and this past Saturday was my biggest one yet. I'll try to make this short. Nick's in charge of the church basketball league, and so I've seen lots of the games in the past few months. Our team was playing FAB's team, and I have some frustration with their coach. There's a guy on their team who LOVES basketball and is at every one if their games. I see him coming or going at the Y all the time to play basketball. However, the last time Nick played their team, I noticed that the guy never once got in to play. Not for a second!!! And the next time, I found out they had only put him in for about a minute at the beginning, and then I saw him go in for the last 15 seconds of the game- since they had already sealed the win. Needless to say, I was furious!!!! Of all places, the church should not be the place where someone feels left out or inadequate. It had seriously bothered me so much, and I'd even made sure that Nick had sent a message out saying that all players must get play time each game. I feel like it's also important to note that things are a little harder for this guy- that he's slightly mentally challenged- which makes me feel even more protective. So, this Saturday Nick was playing FAB again in the tournament, and the coach didn't put the guy in the entire first half of the game. I had told my friend Ashley about the situation, and had already warned her and Nick that I was going to give the coach a piece of my mind at the end of the game if he seriously left the guy out again. But at half-time, Ash pointed out that I should say something now instead of wait- since something could actually be done about it now, but not at the end. So I marched across the floor to his bench, and immediately I felt myself tearing up and my mouth started quivering. I hate that!! No matter how mad I am about something or how much I've "practiced" what I'm going to say- I always get emotional when the actual time comes to let it out. Anyway, so I basically just told him that I've seen this go on for several games and thought it was unfair what he was doing and that it just really upset me. He explained that the 1st half of the game was just so rough, but that he'd play him a lot the 2nd half. (Sidenote: I don't know much about basketball, but I do know that in any close game, the 2nd half is always rougher than the 1st! So I think that excuse was shenanigans.) Anyway, he did end up getting to play for about 3 minutes the 3rd quarter, and about 3-4 the last quarter- which was way more than usual. I have no idea if what I said made any difference, but I'm just glad I said something instead of always wishing I'd said something. That coach probably thinks I'm a bitch (especially since I started the conversation out, "I'm sorry, I don't mean to be a bitch, but...")- but I still think he was wrong for what he'd been doing. Sorry- that was long.

#34- I just wrote an email today to someone at Marshall about leading Zumba classes. I heard a rumor that they're looking for new instructors, so I figured I should at least check into it!

#43- I'm a blood donating reject!!! I tried to go to the Red Cross and got myself all pumped up for it- only to get turned down :/ Apparently, my iron level was not high enough! Seriously, who gets turned down for giving blood??? So, I guess I'm just gonna have to work on getting my iron up. Clearly, my 2 weeks of being a vegetarian will have to be at a different time than my blood donating. I just hope I can get myself motivated to go again, b/c it seriously stresses me out to think of the needle!!!

#57- Erin just gave me a certificate for my bday to go to the culinary institute to make sushi! So excited!!!

#75- Have started working on this, but don't want to spoil anything in case my parents stumble onto this website.

#48- Got rejected AGAIN. Tried to go out to Little Victories to drop off supplies and do some work- and the lady basically said they didn't need anything done. I asked if I could exercise the dogs and play with them, and she said sure. But then she realized the building was locked, and I guess wasn't motivated enough to just get the key for me. Seriously, the building is less than a minute walk from her front door- but I still somehow left doing nothing except dropping stuff off.

#27- So today is my 36th day- almost there! However, I forgot that Lent is not just 40 days- it's like 46 b/c it doesn't count Sundays. I plan to go til Easter, but I have 1 thing I need to buy- a new zipper. I took a pair of my pants and a shirt b/c the zippers are broken- and I thought this would be fine since it's not buying anything, it's just fixing something I already have. But for the shirt, they need me to bring in a zipper to match it. So, I think what I'm gonna do is wait til the 40 days is up and buy the zipper. And then I'll still wait until Easter before I buy anything else. I realize this is a little OCD and legalistic, but I'd really like to make it all 40 days and not feel like I cheated.

That's the main stuff for right now. Hopefully I'll get a little more accomplished this next week! On a totally different subject, I had a great morning run this morning in the yucky drizzle :) It feels good to be getting back into it and to be motivated again. One teensy step closer to a marathon! :)

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  1. JOY! I'm loving this blog. You've inspired me to make a list for myself...and to be honest I've stolen some of your items. :) It's so impressive to watch someone take an active role in improving their life/character rather than sitting around and hoping it happens. Way to go chica! xoxo