Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Oh Well

So last night I was looking through the World Vision gift catalog, and realized I'd made a horrible error in one of my goals. I thought I could purchase a well through W.V. for $1,800- but I apparently overlooked one of the 0's at the end of the number, which was a very important 0. It completely changes the amount to $18,000 instead of $1,800!!!! So I sadly must admit that I'm probably not going to be able to buy a well now- at least not soon. However, they have so many other cool things in the catalog that I could do instead. One thing that really caught my eye was the mosquito nets, which are only $20. But I may set a goal of buying 50 of those and then something else cool too. We got a call a few months ago that one of Nick's World Vision kids died of malaria at age 14, and it seriously broke my heart. I was amazed at how much it affected me and saddened me over the next few days, considering I had never even met the boy. The woman said that his parents didn't realize how serious the illness was, and that he could have been treated if he'd gotten to a good hospital in time. It's just so hard I think for us to comprehend not just having a hospital right down the street, or not having access to incredible doctors and medical care. It's so unfair that what I spend on gum and soda each month could completely change the lives of people in another country. So I think my new goal will be mosquito nets.

This weekend, Nick and I were in Tucson for his company's rewards program which was amazing!!!! We stayed at Loew's Ventana Canyon Resort and I was blown away by the service we got. The weather was perfect, and I seriously just laid out, read, ran, golfed with Nick (meaning I drove the cart around the course), and got a facial and massage :) Sadly, I did not finish Twilight yet b/c I got so into a book called The Shack. But I'm only 100 pages away from finishing Twilight. We met some really fun other NAPA people at the dinners, which was nice since most of the people weren't even close to our age. I was seriously afraid no one was going to talk to us all weekend b/c we were the babies of the group. But it ended up to be a great time :)

The bad news is that I skipped eating a fruit or veggie for one day and broke my streak, so now I have to start over :/ I had been doing so well and just had like 11 days left. But it was my bday and we had been traveling all day long and when we got home I just wanted to go to bed. I even had an apple in my bag!!! And as I was climbing into my cozy bed ridiculously early at 9pm, I thought about it and considered going to eat the apple- but was just too pooped. So I now must start over- grrr.

This week I'm having friends over on 2 nights- tonight for FPC Soup Night, and on Friday the girls are coming for HSM night. Several of us are wanting to see High School Musical but feel dorky, so we're all watching it together :) It was also supposed to be the night I learned to bake an apple pie from scratch, but that's gonna have to be another night now. Meg is an award-winning apple pie maker (seriously- she's really won a contest) and I'll admit that I'm not usually a fan of apple pie but LOVE hers. But she has to come late, so we'll just save the baking for a later date. So I haven't gotten to mark off anything big on my list this week, but have gotten my massage for this year, gone to 1 new city, almost finished Twilight, and am hosting 1 of my get togethers. Not incredibly inspiring, but not too bad either :)

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  1. That's a lot to accomplish in a week, love. You're doing great! Now you can add "confront those who need to be confronted" after your brave showing on Saturday. :) Nice work, buddy!