Friday, December 24, 2010

Incredibly belated Thanksgiving post

I finally finished paying off my student loan yesterday!!!! :)  What a great feeling!!  Take that, Sallie Mae!!!  So I'm pumped to mark that off my 101 list. 

{I wrote this 3 weeks ago, but am just now posting it- whoops.}
Thanksgiving was awesome.  Nick's parents came in Wednesday night and left early on Sunday.  That maybe would be stressful for most people, but I seriously have amazing in-laws, and the time went by way too fast.  They took us to dinner on Wednesday, and then his mom was so helpful all day on Thursday while I was cooking.  {Plus, she brought THE MOST amazing cornbread for dinner!!!!!!  I like just about any cornbread and usually can't tell much of a difference- but this was incredible!!!  One of her friends in Memphis got it from her nanny that raised her- so it's some true southern cornbread.  I'll have to post the recipe on here.  It really is worth it to make it from scratch!!}
Anyway, she cleaned up the dishes the whole time while I cooked, and then she and my mom took care of everyone's plates after dinner.  Then we did some shopping on Friday and watched the Auburn game (War eagle!!)  Saturday I got to see one of my bffs Lindsay and she went to lunch with Betty (Nick's mom) and me.  Then we went to dinner on Saturday night to Frankie D's, and then said goodbye on Sunday morning. 
Here are a few pictures from the Thanksgiving festivities:

{This is my attempt to recreate the garland I was crushing on here and that I mentioned on my last post}

{Please ignore the terrible looking kitchen chairs.  I'm trying to figure out what I want to do with them- either stain them darker, or use this next picture as an inspiration}

{I believe this is a picture from Martha Stewart. I love that color for the chairs!!  Hopefully I'll spruce ours up to look like that soon.}

Here's a picture of everyone together.  Just wish my Poppi had been feeling better and made it.

And here's our little family :)
I wrote this post about 3 weeks ago, and just never published it.  So it's much more fitting now to wish you a merry Christmas than to say that I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving :)

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  1. Joy, those pics are amazing!! Your table looked wonderful!! I think we may be coming over for dinner next thanksgiving ;-)

    I just wanted to say too that I LOVEEEEE the living room color!! WAY better than the yellow. Can you please decorate my next house? Seriously though, you could be an interior designer for a living.

    We miss you all, and will possibly be making a trip in the spring!!