Saturday, July 17, 2010

I heart wreaths!!

So, right now I'm a little obsessed with crafting.  And especially when it comes to cute, unusual wreaths!  Here's a project I saw months ago on one of my favorite crafting bloggers, and I FINALLY finished my copycat version:



I wish my picture wasn't so fuzzy- but it's from my phone.  And I should have put more circles into the center sides of the wreath- but I'm fine with how it turned out and didn't feel like doing anymore- haha :)
Now I just finished a Christmas card wreath (that's right- it's July and I'm starting on a Christmas project.)  I always get all these fun ideas and have great intentions to make stuff right around November/December, but we all know it's just about impossible to add extra projects with all the craziness and festivities during the holidays.  So I figured I'd get a little done now while I can :)  I love this website and used their tutorial, which is really simple.  They did 2 versions- 1 is for their bags of tea, and the other was for a baby shower to hold gift cards. 
Here they both are:

Seriously- are these not so cute???  And I'm always trying to figure out how to display Christmas cards that we receive, and I thought this was a perfect way to do it.  I finished mine last night, and here it is:

My friend Maggie is an insanely gifted crafter (don't let her lie to you- she's humble like that)- and here's a great wreath she just finished that she found on a website.
Here's her version, and I love it!!

And here's the original from younghouselove:

I figure that's enough wreaths for now! :) 


  1. Joy these are so cute!! And Maggie's, too!! I am so impressed that you made something for Christmas in July... wow. Now I'm going to have to check out all these tutorials...

  2. you're amazing!!! i love, love both of your wreaths!
    where did you say you found the christmas scrapbook paper?? i went to ac moore and they are soo behind the times. nothing festive in the scrapbook dept!
    also, i added some more pages to my book wreath...then ripped them out...then added some more. i'll send an updated pic :)

  3. Jeannie, I don't think I've ever done anything this early in my life!! ha! :) But don't expect it to keep happening- I'm sure everything else this year will be late... like 3 of the recent weddings we've gone to that I still owe gifts to the people. Crap.
    Mags- That cracks me up that you added, tore out, and then added more pages again!! Too funny! Send me an updated pic- and I'll post it :) I already had some Christmas paper and then got some more at Hobby Lobby. But I have a ton left over b/c the craft doesn't take much paper- so you can have some of mine if you want!

  4. these were great to see joy! wow, ryan and i miss you and your hubby so much. we hope all is well!