Tuesday, May 4, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things... about Nick :)

This is a super random list of some of the quirky things that make me have a crush on my husband :)  Just wanted to write them down so I can always look at this and smile.
-He talks about how Jesus had "swagger".
-He gives Copper pep talks about how he needs to get a job and contribute to the family.
-Although he can spell "valentine" and "disciple" correctly, he still pronounces them "valentime" and "discifle".  I will never understand this.
-He put our hamster in his shirt pocket for our family portrait for the church directory :)
-He makes THE BEST cartoon faces ever.
-He knows more about history than Stephen Ambrose. And he not only knows all the reasons he believes in Intelligent Design, but he studies evolution also- so that he knows both sides.
-He never gets me appropriate cards for holidays.  He just gets a random card, and then adds conversation bubbles or his own animation to it to make it say whatever he wants.
-He has an amazing appreciation for people.
-He's overly optimistic :)  His old boss, Terry, used to tell him, "I've stopped listening to your predictions for the month because they're always high" haha :) And he was known in high school for the quote, "Don't worry, it'll be alright"- even when things weren't alright.
-He makes grocery store trips 3 times faster when he goes with me.  He asks me to tell him a few things we on the list, and then he literally will run around and get everything and hurry back to me to put them in the cart- then asks for more.  He'd be great on Supermarket Sweep.
-I love that most nights are like a slumber party- like getting to stay up late and laugh really hard with my best friend.

I apologize if this made anyone gag from my lame-ness :)


  1. This is really sweet & really funny as always! What a great pair yall make :)

  2. Joy, this is so sweet and it is far from lame! You two are an great example of what a healthy relationship is all about...i hope to have slumber parties one day :)

  3. Not lame...you two have hit the jackpot with each other, dear. :) I've known Nick was a great catch since I met him and when he brought you to Alabama and I got to see how amazing you were, I realized he had found his penguin!

  4. So sweet! Its not lame at all! I agree with Liz. You two are so perfect for each other! Come back to Alabama soon!

  5. Loved it...you all are adorable!

  6. Lol! You guys are a matched set. It's clear that you guys have a great time loving each other. And, isn't that what marriage is all about?

  7. I love this!!! I also appreciate Nick more after reading this!
    The hamster thing is HILARIOUS