Sunday, February 22, 2009

2 Down, 999 To Go :)

I haven't gotten a huge jump on things as much as Ashley has :), but I'm on my way. Here's what I've started on to get me to my goal:
#2- Ashley, aka one of the most thoughtful and generous people I've ever met, bought me a kit to teach myself how to knit :)
#4- We registered for the NYC marathon today!!! We won't find out until June if we got in yet, but I did what I could! If I don't get into the lottery for that marathon and if we can't raise enough money to get in through the charity program, I think I may to the Chicago in October, or maybe do the San Diego or San Fran Rock N Roll marathon.
#14- I have the first Twilight book, but have only read 10 pages :) I'm sort of in the middle of 3 other books and didn't want to get into another one yet. But I finished one of the books today, so I'm getting closer!
#3- I meet my student tomorrow for the first time :/ I'm not gonna lie- I'm a little nervous!!
#27- I start this on Wednesday. Selfishly, I'm not really looking forward to this too much. But I know it'll be a great practice for me and will be a great reminder of how blessed I/we really are. The one thing I hate is that my birthday falls right in the middle of the 40 days, and also that we'll be out of town in Tucson during this time. So I know that since we have no shopping in Huntington, it'll be so tempting to shop while out of town!!! It's amazing that I/we are basically able to buy whatever we want, whenever we want- and to exercise some restraint in this area will definitely be good for me. It's sometimes shameful how we live compared to the majority of the world. Not only do I never lack for food or shelter or warmth, but sadly I often waste money on unnecessary things that are impulse purchases. OK, enough about that- I'll get off my soapbox.
#11- Nick and I are taking an amazing trip in 2 1/2 weeks to Tucson- and I'm so excited!!! :) I had never been to AZ in my life until this January when I went to Phoenix- and I LOVED it. And now we're going again, 2 months later. His company is sending us there Wed-Sun, and I basically will be lying around, reading, enjoying the sun, and running in the perfect weather all weekend :) And getting a wonderful Swedish massage, all on NAPA's tab! Thank you, car part buyers!!! So that will be the first of my 10 new cities to visit. And just to make it even better, it just happens to be the same weekend as my birthday!
My list is obviously not finished yet. But I figured I'd rather leave it how it is and add things as I go along, rather than rush my list. OK, we're getting ready to leave so I'll wrap up for now! I hope to update this weekly- to help keep myself focused and accountable to reach all my goals.

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  1. I'm totally impressed with your #27. I think it takes real heart to want to look at personal spending that way. I'm sorry about the birthday situation, but it kinda works out well for you. Other people will be buying you fun stuff for your b-day during your 40 days, which should make it easier for you not to buy your own theory. Anyways, you're off to a great start! Keep us posted on what you hear about NYC!